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Independent transport modelling professionals offering strategic transport modelling services including highway and multi-modal assignment models, variable demand modelling, travel forecasting and modelling smart solutions.


Scope of Business


  • Multi-modal strategic transport model

  • Software development

  • Major scheme assessment

  • International assignments and feasibility studies

  • Supporting local plan assessment

We proudly present the work of RelativeGAP through our amazing and diverse projects. We have completed these together with our partners to our clients’ satisfaction in the UK and overseas. For details on the below, please see our Projects page that also includes international assignments and research and development work.


The Independent Transport Modellers


​RelativeGAP is proud to provide their customers with high quality solutions in transport modelling and traffic engineering, especially in the following areas:
  • Modelling smart solutions with PTV Visum

  • Highway assignment models​

  • Public transport assignment and multi-modal models

  • TAG compliant variable demand modelling

  • Strategic model and demand matrix development

  • Forecasting and option testing

  • PTV certified Visum training courses


For more information about our services, you are welcome to visit the Services section or click the button below.

About Us

​RelativeGAP is an independent transport modelling and engineering firm based in London, UK and specialised in strategic transport modelling and demand forecasting. We are offering data and smart-solution-driven services where we deliver highly dynamic, more real-time, but easy-to-use tools and applications to equip the transport model of the future with the right features for tackling the challenges posed by the uncertain future. We truly believe it is time to make a change the way how we have been doing transport modelling for the last few decades.

To learn more about us, visit the About Us section or click the button below.

Application Development

From the beginning we have been putting extra effort in COM application development to expand the capability of existing modelling software.
Our experience shows that using Python solutions and app development are more efficient and faster ways of tackling modelling challenges. We find that this is often the right answer for situations where the traditional modelling methods do not bring suitable enough results.
For example, RelativeGAP has successfully developed new route choice and assignment methods, model calibration and micro mobility tools using Python.
Stay Tuned!
We are happy to share the important moments of life at RelativeGAP. If you are interested in the details, please follow us on LinkedIn.

Bence Verebelyi


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Gabor Uti
Technical Director


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A passionate UK based strategic transport modelling team
with over 30 years of combined experience bringing innovative ideas and outstanding modelling and PTV Visum skills to your modelling projects
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