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About Us

RelativeGAP is an independent transport modelling and engineering company specialised in strategic transport modelling and demand forecasting.

We are offering our experience in this field along with outstanding PTV Visum software and Python programming skills. As a small venture, our main advantages lie in our flexibility, capability to respond fast. We always use a unique approach for each project – there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We also believe that in this fast changing world it is no longer possible to answer all questions with traditional methods, therefore we do a lot of software development using Python to deliver the most suitable solutions that allows us offering a fast, efficient and non-standard service to our clients.


We offer an internship programme that benefits both university students and the development of our company and we have supported a number of students in preparing their thesis. We also take part in research and development projects – we are always looking for innovative ways of looking at old and new transport modelling challenges.


Bence Verebelyi
Director at RelativeGAP


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Key Skills

  • Highway, Public Transport and Multi-modal Strategic Modelling

  • Variable Demand Modelling

  • Python and VBA COM Scripting

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Modelling Smart Mobility

  • DfT TAG Applications

  • Big Data in Transport

  • Project Management and Client Liaisons

  • Training and Mentoring

Gábor Uti VISUM Modeller

Gabor Uti
Technical Director at RelativeGAP


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Key Skills

  • Highway Assignment Modelling

  • Variable Demand Modelling

  • Transport Assessments

  • Modelling Smart Mobility

  • Feasibility Studies and Appraisal

  • P&R and Cycle Schemes

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Management

  • Data Management and Analysis

Bence has twelve years of experience in strategic transport modelling. He has worked on a wide range of modelling related projects in multiple countries and has contributed to numerous public transport, road traffic, railway infrastructure and railway rolling-stock development projects in addition to having undertaken various transport assessments as a transport modelling expert. He has an MSc. in Transportation Engineering and he is a Certified Trainer of PTV Visum transport modelling software. His current and previous roles have involved the development of strategic transport models where he led on modelling projects, supervised public transport assignment models, designed variable demand models.

He is an expert in PTV Visum software including the use of COM scripting interface and application development with Python. He is also experienced in the development, calibration, and maintenance of macroscopic transport models as well as in data processing, scenario analysis and assignment result evaluation.

As a Certified Trainer (since 2011), he has a passion for delivering training and helping colleagues to become highly skilled PTV Visum and modelling professionals. In the recent years, Bence has been the official lead trainer of PTV Visum in the UK and Ireland, furthermore he regularly delivers advanced public transport assignment modelling and operational public transport modelling / fleet optimisation trainings globally to private and public sector clients alike.

Bence is conversant with matrix building techniques using traditional data sources and big data such as mobile network origin-destination data. In these projects he has enjoyed finding innovative solutions in the processing, verification and associated analysis of mobile data and has developed a set of graphical analysis tools for demand matrix testing. Also, he has valuable experience in TAG compliant variable demand modelling with PTV Visum.


He has a sound background in modelling public transport and sustainable modes. In recent years, as a modelling lead, he has been instrumental in the development of nearly 50 public transport assignment models and has contributed to public transport assessment projects of all sizes.

He is a specialist in processing and analysing big data of transport such as e-ticketing, mobile network data and GPS databases. Bence has also been involved in several research and development programmes including but not limited to high profile studies of modelling connected and autonomous vehicles, cyber security assessment on future mobility, variable demand modelling of Mobility-as-a-Service or capacity restraint strategic public transport models.

Gabor has thirteen years of experience in strategic transport modelling. He holds an MSc in Transportation Engineering, he is a Chartered Engineer and he also has Quality Assurance Systems Engineer certification.
He is a highway modelling and PTV Visum expert and oversees modelling activities from planning to completion. He has contributed to the design of over fifty highway and public transport infrastructure projects during his career. His experience has involved both model development and transport assessments using PTV Visum and other modelling software packages. 


He has also gained a wealth of experience working in PTV Visum on traditional four-step demand modelling, multi-modal network and demand modelling, noise assessments and macro-models with junction coding well-suited for microsimulation.

He is specialised in highway assignment models and data analysis, having worked with local authorities, national agencies and international clients alike. He has designed and developed more than twenty Visum assignment models for various transport assessments including high profile work such as modelling P&R facilities, congestion charge zones, intermodal super-junctions, cycle schemes and new mobility. 

He takes pride in having been the Highway Modelling Lead for two significant national modelling projects: The Standardised Master Model of Budapest and the Hungarian National Transport Model. The latter has been created for the National Infrastructure Plan covering all major transport infrastructure developments for the next 30 years in Hungary. This range of experience has helped him understand all aspects of modelling needs allowing him to be able to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to client requirements.

In addition to the above responsibilities, he has also prepared feasibility studies for major projects and supported attempts to secure national and European Union funds to unlock exceptional project opportunities.

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