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Highway Assignment Models



TAG Compliant Variable Demand Modelling




Modelling Smart Solutions in PTV Visum



Application and Software Development



Strategic Model and Demand Matrix Development



Forecasting and Option Testing



PTV Certified Visum Trainings



Public Transport and Multi-Modal Models


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Highway Assignment Models
TAG Compliant Variable Demand Modelling
Modelling Smart Solutions in PTV Visum
We do all aspects of classic highway assignment modelling with a twist of innovative solutions and with a special focus on model convergence

  • Urban, regional, national and international highway models

  • Strategic transport model update

  • Assessment of highway schemes

  • Congestion charge zones, P&R facilities, Toll road systems

  • Macro-models with junction coding well-suited for microsimulation

  • Assignment convergence solutions

We design and build TAG compliant demand models in PTV Visum and make sure that they are well-integrated with the highway and public transport assignment models


  • TAG compliant multinomial nested logit model

  • Traditional 4-step demand models

  • Gravity models

  • Mode choice models

  • Modelling smart choices

  • Absolute and incremental demand models

  • Data management for variable demand models

We actively work on innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to deal with emerging transport modelling and mobility challenges


  • Modelling smart choices and smart transport modes

  • Car and bike sharing schemes

  • Modelling connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV)

  • Modelling mobility as a service (MAAS) solutions

We bring it all for you


Let's think together

Strategic Model and Demand Matrix Development
Forecasting and Option Testing
Strategic Model and Demand Matrix Development
We build strategic transport model networks with exceptional level of detail using modern, dynamic tools. We are conversant with demand matrix building techniques using traditional data sources as well as big data


  • Strategic model network building

  • Network calibration including journey time reliability

  • Origin-destination trip matrix development from traditional data source

  • Origin-destination Mobile Network Data processing, analysis and prior matrix development

  • Matrix estimation

  • Matrix calibration and validation

  • Local model validation reports

We deliver TAG compliant demand matrix forecasting and we use the extremely powerful graphical and data management interface of PTV Visum for scenario analysis


  • TAG compliant trip matrix forecasting

  • Scenario analysis and network evaluation

  • Option testing and graphical analysis

  • Forecasting reports and transport modelling chapters of feasibility studies

We have a focus on the increasing demand for sustainable transport modes and smarter mobility choices. Our team has an exceptional knowledge of public transport modelling
  • Urban, regional, national and international highway models

  • Assessment of public transport and multi-model schemes

  • Timetable and headway-based public transport assignments

  • Capacity restraint public transport models

  • Dynamic public transport service import

  • Car and bike sharing solutions

  • Powerful mode-choice models

  • Assignment-based route choice solutions

Application and Software Development
We always put extra effort in COM application development to expand the capability of existing modelling software. Our experience shows that using Python solutions and app development are more efficient and faster ways of tackling modelling challenges. We find that this is often the right answer for situations where the traditional modelling methods do not bring suitable enough results.
Key Areas of Software Development
  • State-of-the-art Cycle and Micromobility Assignment Methods

  • Simulation-based, Dynamic Pedestrian Assignment Methods

  • Model Evaluation Tools

  • Variable Demand Modelling Tools

  • Demand Matrix Calibration Tools

  • Prior Matrix Development Packages

PTV Certified Visum Trainings

RelativeGAP Director, Bence Verebelyi has been a PTV certified Visum trainer since 2011. As an experienced trainer, he has a passion for delivering training and helping colleagues to become highly skilled PTV Visum and modelling professionals

40+   Training Courses

​100+ Training Days

200+ Trained Modelling Professionals

  • Introduction to macroscopic network modelling with PTV Visum

  • Basic and advanced Visum training courses

  • Highway or public transport modelling focused trainings

  • TAG compliant demand models and classic 4-step demand modelling

  • Traffic engineering

  • Transport studies

  • Advanced public transport network planning and management

  • Model evaluation and data management

  • Bespoke and on-the-job training packages

PTV Vision Trainer Certificate

PTV Vision Trainer License

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